Life, Fun and Happiness with Beautiful Golden Retrievers

Whether you chose to live with one or a pack, you'll appreciate help on their history, buying puppies, adoption, training, food, healthcare, senior care and of course our own stories. We are the Cailean Golden Retrievers Family.

Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America and we understand why. These beautiful dogs have such huge personalities, each with their own character. Expect a lot of lap cuddles but watch their independence too.

Live vicariously through our Golden pack, watch us test products, live with whoopsies or minor injuries and how we strive to keep our dogs fit and healthy from puppy to senior. Each of our dogs has it's own story board!

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We take our photos and videos with an iPhone and they are not posed. We snap them off if the time is right. We hope you enjoy their antics!



About Our Pack

Located in a country suburb of Chicago in Northern Illinois, we live with our Golden Retrievers. Our dogs enjoy 2 country-suburban acres and with our retirement will be moving to our 36 acres in Wyoming. Our dogs will get to enjoy hiking the mountain with us, taking long walks alongside the Wyoming horses and wildlife in our new neighborhood and having a swim in the huge natural reservoir.

Follow our journey of welcoming four puppies, talking early retirement, deciding on when and where to retire, and how our Goldens had the best impact possible while planning our Golden Years.

All the best, Jon, Corinne, and Our Golden Pack: Finlay, Fletcher, Makenzie + One More in 2022. Plus our cats Shadow and Twinkie, the twins.